Terrace Door


This 7′ x 7’ full-view overhead door with bronze tinted glass and custom powder coated frame is installed on the upper floor of a popular bar in down-town Stratford. The overhead door opens up a gateway to the patio offering guests sunshine and a roof-top terrace view.

An air curtain at the door header creates a controlled stream of air across the opening when the door is up. This allows for traffic to walk through unhinderedly and an unobstructed view through the opening as well as prevents dust, fumes and flying insects from coming in.

The air curtain also works as an invisible air barrier that keeps the outside air out and heated or conditioned inside air in, which helps with energy savings as it prevents air of different temperature can’t pass through and mix.

  • 7′ x 7′ Commercial Full-view Overhead Door
  • Air Curtain

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