Remotely Controlled Doors


Easy Lift Doors installed these 34′ x 18′ and 30′ x 18′ commercial overhead doors at a farm in Port Stanley. The placement of the overhead doors is planned with easy access in mind, for large machinery.

The 34’ x 18’ door has dual shaft rows with torsion springs that carry the weight of all the door panels. It’s also supported by outside pick-up cables that help control the middle sag of the door. Outside pick-up cables are generally required on overhead doors wider than 32’.

The LiftMaster MyQ-enabled electric opener system is connected to a MyQ Internet Gateway hub and a Wi-Fi network / Internet router, which allows for the doors to be remotely controlled from anywhere. The MyQ app lets the owner open the overhead doors right from the smartphone or hand-held device. MyQ also allows for usage statistics and monitoring of the door remotely; is the door left opened, is it closed and secure or is it opened unexpectedly? Read more about LiftMaster MyQ enabled opener systems at the LiftMaster’s MyQ site.

For added safety the regular photo safety eyes on the doors are reinforced by 4’ light curtains (with a 36” detection zone) placed parallel with the vertical tracks. The light curtains operate in the same manner as the regular photo safety eyes, by passing a light beam between each other, with the difference that the light curtains cover a considerably larger area.

  • 34′ x 18′ and 30′ x 18′ Commercial Overhead Doors
  • Outside Pick-up Cables on Wider Door
  • LiftMaster MyQ Enabled Electric Openers
  • Light Curtains

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