When do I need to call for maintenance of my garage door?

A garage door is a complex system with a lot of different parts that need to work together in order for the door to operate properly. You want to make sure the garage door is kept in good condition in order for it to be working the day that you actually need to pass through it. A garage door that is not opening or closing may affect the security of your home and in this situation, you may be forced to delay or change any other plans you have. Before you contact us, there is a few things you can quickly try yourself to see if you can get the door operating properly again.

First, try the wall button or the handheld remote. It could be just a dead battery issue. If the door comes down partially and then goes back up, it’s usually because of the photo safety eyes being misaligned or something is blocking their beam, like grass, dirt or cob webs. If the problem isn’t too obvious to fix yourself, you see a broken part such as a spring or the door is off its tracks, please let us know. Easy Lift Doors expert technicians are glad to help and will promptly get your garage door operating properly again.

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