How much top clearance do I need to install a garage door?

For a residential garage door with torsion springs a top clearance or headroom of 12” is required. If you want to add an electric opener an additional 2” is required. In low headroom instances dual-tracks can be used to decrease the requirements. Please let us know about your situation and we will be happy to determine which track system will be most suitable for you.

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How much headroom does an overhead door require?

Headroom is the space between the top of the door opening and the underside of the lowest part of the ceiling above the door. Required headroom for a commercial overhead door depends on which spring configuration and what kinds of tracks are to be used in the installation. Special follow the roof tracks, high-lift, full vertical tracks or dual-tracks can be used depending on how much headroom there is. For a standard door with torsion springs and 2” tracks with a 15” radius, requires minimum 16” of headroom. Adding for instance a trolley opener, requires even more headroom. We recommend however that you contact Easy Lift Doors so that we can have a look at your door opening and determine which tracks are best suited for your overhead door project as there are a lot of factors to consider.

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