Service and customer satisfaction have always been at the heart of our work. From small to larger commercial and industrial projects, we have a highly trained staff and the equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. Easy Lift Doors has been successfully serving (local) industries for over 40 years.

In an ever evolving world Easy Lift Doors embraces new technological innovations in our work. Modern overhead door and dock solutions are complex systems that require consideration of a number of factors including frequency of operational cycles, traffic & load numbers, lighting requirements, headroom availability and insulation level.

From the start to end, we work together with architects, engineers and contractors to make the best possible solutions for your specific door project, surpassing the specific requirements and standards to get the work done efficiently with stunning results.

We offer documented preventative maintenance to keep operation of overhead doors and dock equipment smooth and long lasting. If you have any questions about our services please feel free to contact Easy Lift Doors and we’ll answer all of your questions.

Our Commercial / Industrial Services include

Our work crews are

  • Commercial overhead door & opener installation
  • Installation of hi-lift overhead door systems
  • Replacement of damaged panels, springs, cables, rollers, drums, hinges, bearings and weatherstripping
  • Replacement of damaged electric opener parts, gears, limits and control boards
  • Replacement of damaged dock doors, seals, bumpers, restraints, levelers and other dock equipment
  • Installation of LiftMaster MyQ Internet hub and app for Android or iPhone, that lets you control your overhead door from anywhere
  • Installation of remotes and key pads
  • Installation of dock levelers and equipment
  • Installation of rolling steel doors
  • Installation of fire doors and safety systems
  • Installation of hi-speed doors and strip curtains
  • Installation of cafeteria shutters
  • Routine overhead door service
  • Documented preventative maintenance of doors, openers and docks
  • Emergency door repairs
  • Factory Certified Door Technicians
  • Skyjack Certified
  • Fall Arrest Trained
  • First aid / CPR trained
  • WSIB Insured
  • Full Liability Insured



Commercial FAQ

There may be a number of reasons why your overhead door does that. A built-in safety feature makes the electric opener open the door back up if something is out of the normal to prevent damage or any threats to safety. There are several things you can do to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Check that the threshold of the overhead door is clear. The opener may sense if there is something blocking it even slightly.
  • Take a closer look at the photo safety eyes or photo-cells located at the bottom of the tracks. Sometimes if they get hit or misaligned and the infrared beam between them gets disrupted the opener will believe that something is blocking the door. If the small green or red (amber) light on the safety eye is not turned on, it may be a sign of the safety eyes being misaligned and the beam not getting reflected from the other unit. In this case try aligning them with each other until the lights come back on, try then to close the door normally. Often the safety eyes may be fine but the wires connecting them to the opener may be damaged, cut or short-circuited by touching another surface. You can try moving the wire around carefully with your fingers to see if the lights on the safety eyes blink or come back on when you move the wire.  It could be as simple as a cobweb or fly etc interfering with the beam, try to make sure there is no obstruction that may cause the two eyes not to see each other.
  • The regular travel distance may be hindered. This can sometimes happen if the tracks or hardware of the overhead door get hit or twisted out of place. The opener can believe there is something blocking the overhead door if it is forced to stop before it has moved the programmed travel distance.
    Travel limits may be slightly off in the openers limits switch. The limits control the exact spots where the overhead door stops when it is raised or lowered. On residential garage door openers, the limits can be adjusted by turning the limit screws with a flat-head screwdriver. The limit screws are usually located on the side of your opener. On larger commercial openers, setting their limits is a bit more complicated. On some openers the limits can be adjusted by pushing down the brake plate and turning the two white limit cogs to the desired spot on the limit shaft. You will need to open the opener cover and locate the limit shaft in order to do this. It is however highly recommended that a trained service technician does this work as contacting any of the circuitry may cause further expensive damage. There is also a safety risk of electrocution.
  • The logic board may be malfunctioning. Like any electrical devices the logic board, the central brain in the opener that controls the operation of the overhead door, can get worn out with time. It may also be affected by voltage spikes in the electrical grid or if the proper voltage does not pass through to the opener. Other signs of a faulty logic board may be that the overhead door opens or closes by itself without explanation, even though the door otherwise operates normally.

If your overhead door is still not working properly or you feel uncomfortable troubleshooting or working with your overhead door and opener yourself, please don’t hesitate to call us. Easy Lift Doors expert technicians are more than glad to help and will promptly get your overhead door working properly again.

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