There can be several causes for your garage door to be acting like this. Opener gears (or chain) require regular lubrication. In some openers the internal plastic gears may be stripped and in need of replacement. Internal plastic gears may get stripped if the bottom seal is frozen to the floor. Lubrication is crucial, if the gears are not lubricated and run dry they can get stripped quickly. Easy Lift Doors offers opener gear kits for replacing any stripped parts. Also keeping the lifting cables, rollers, spring and bearings lubricated will keep your garage door operating more smoothly.

If the door is still making an unusual noise, try listening closer to determine the source. Worn out rollers or tracking may cause grinding sounds, bent spring coils may cause a grating sound, a door out of balance may cause squealing, defective panels or hinges may cause banging or popping noises, worn out shaft bearings or rollers may cause ticking and loosened spring tension may cause rumbling.

Easy Lift Doors expert technicians are glad to help and will promptly get your garage door operating properly again.